School/Youth Group Presentations

fight presentation picWith the climb in the national suicide rate, we should be addressing the topic of depression and anxiety in our schools. This workshop will give teachers and students tools to put into practice and share with others. Imagine if students felt successful not only in their academics but in their emotions by understanding simple truths and performing easy exercises. The effects could be life-saving. In addition to being a credentialed teacher, Kelly holds her PPS counseling credential and is a published author and speaker. She is happy to present to parents and teachers separately, as well as spend a day on-campus connecting with students.


making it thru picIn the midst of the school year, life happens. Both adults and students are faced with serious issues more than ever before. Death, loss, illness, bullying, divorce…just to name a few. In this session, Kelly will present strategies to make it possible to not just survive but to thrive in that hardest year. This presentation can be tailored for all grade levels and is very appropriate for a staff/school-wide development. In addition to having her CA teaching credential Kelly also has a CA educational counseling credential. She has spent twenty years in education in both the traditional classroom setting and homeschool setting.

Weekend Retreats / 1-2 Day Seminar

A Journey in the Desert (Teachings from the book of Exodus)

Christians Struggle Too — F.I.G.H.T. Against Depression and Anxiety

A Woman (Girl) After God’s Own Heart

A Woman (Girl) on Fire for Jesus

Messages written specifically for your group/theme


Short Messages

In All Things

Based on Philippians 4:6-8, Kelly shares the importance of being thankful through all situations. Using scriptural examples, and her own personal testimony of family hardships and health issues, she demonstrates how such an attitude is not only possible but blessed by the Lord.

Making your Dreams Come True (in the Midst of Motherhood)

Kelly shares her inspiring testimony of how God brought her to be home with her children after 12 years of teaching full time and then led her to become a published author and speaker. Not only does she share her heart, but also scripture that God desires to use all of us in unique ways for His glory.

Waiting on the Lord for Your Spouse

Though society encourages single people to go out and find their spouse, this message pulls out the promises from God’s Word that the Lord will provide for all our needs…even our future spouse. Kelly shares her own story of trusting the Lord for her husband along with scripture that today’s youth and single adults can pray and believe. We trust the Lord with so much, why shouldn’t we trust Him for the one He is preparing for us?

Love Is…

Taken from 1 Corinthian 13:4-8 and made applicable to family life, work environment and those around us, these short topics are meant to inspire and uplift ladies of all ages. Each characteristic of love is approximately a 15-minute devotional. Kelly can also expand any of these messages to fill an hour time slot.

It’s A Girl Thing!

Calling ladies of all generations! Gather the young and old in your church/group for a blessed time of food, fellowship, and fun. It’s the modern-day Mother-Daughter Tea. You decide the location and meal and Kelly will lead the ladies in table talk and present a short devotional on love that is appropriate for ages 5 to 95. Turn this into a free, hour-long event rather than a dinner by holding it in your church sanctuary with worship before and dessert after. The aim is to bring ladies into a deeper relationship with Christ and a stronger fellowship with one another.



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