Love Deeply

March 12th, 2019

It was a year ago today I had my last conversation with my bestie. I came to see her at home like I tried to do almost every day and found her upstairs in her hospital bed. “I don’t have the strength to get up anymore,” she said with tears in her eyes. I just sat beside [...] more.

The Deceived Blog Tour

February 13th, 2019

I am very excited to announce that my new book, The Deceived, will be on a Blog Tour from February 25th through March 10. Every day it will be reviewed on a different blog. My publisher and I are also giving away several prizes, so you will want to jump on some of the blogs [...] more.

The Deceived in stock!

February 8th, 2019

Guess what arrived?!? To order directly from me, go to…/the-deceived/. If you are local to Temecula or San Diego, choose local delivery to save on shipping. You can also order the paperback or the e-book on Amazon at this link Click here to see me unveil my first shipment of The Deceived! more.

How Danny Morton Changed My Life

January 19th, 2019

I remember the night I created Danny Morton. I needed a strong Christian role model who Tyler Stevens, one of the main characters in The Lauren Drake series, could become friends with. Tyler was in the early stages of his faith, still worldly in his thinking. It was evident the only Christian he’d befriend was [...] more.

Christmas in Heaven

December 21st, 2018

If I could text my bestie who’s in heaven, I’d ask her if they were planning a birthday party for Jesus. I’d ask her if this month they are singing Christmas carols and hymns instead of the regular hallelujahs they sing every day. I’d ask if Mary was over-the-top excited as we get to be [...] more.

Exciting News!!

December 8th, 2018

Christmas came early to the Harrel house. First, there was a contract for The Beloved, the second book of The Once Lost series. Then there was the completion of the front cover for The Deceived, book 1 of The Once Lost series. Join me at the cover reveal party of The Deceived on December 17th at [...] more.

My Identity

November 27th, 2018

In a few hours, I’ll climb into an MRI to get images taken of my hand. My left hand. My dominant hand. The hand I write with. To say I might be a little anxious, well, that’s an understatement. A few hours ago when I woke because my pain meds had worn off I was reminded of the seriousness of [...] more.

Eight Months

November 16th, 2018

Eight months ago my world was turned upside down.  Even though my best friend was on hospice and God taking her home relieved her suffering, my world was still turned upside down. That’s what happens when you lose someone you love. I think about her daily. Often times it’s with thankfulness in my heart. I’m [...] more.

Book Review and Giveaway—Renewed

October 15th, 2018

About the Book Book Title: Renewed Author: Leigh Powers Genre: Devotional Release date: November, 2017 Ministry is a privilege, but it can also be a painful experience. Unrealistic expectations, church conflict, forced resignations, and our own struggles with burnout, loneliness, and insecurity can make church feel more like a place of wounding than a place of healing. How [...] more.

Review: Shadow Sister and Giveaway

September 15th, 2018

I’m excited to be a part of the Celebrate Lit bloggers, so from time to time I’ll be sharing about books I’ve read through them. This month I had the privilege of reading…  Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post after reading it to enter into the giveaway! About [...] more.


July 23rd, 2018

My favorite series is on sale this week only! If you already own it, purchase it for a friend or family member. What better gift can you give than that of the gift of inspiration? more.

A Memorial to the Lord

July 15th, 2018

Four months ago my best friend went home to be with the Lord. Only four months ago, but it honestly feels like she’s been gone for years. I miss her smile. I miss her laughter. I miss her advice. I miss her encouragement. I miss her presence. Oh, Lord, I just really miss her. It’s [...] more.

Kindle SALE Freedom in His Love

July 3rd, 2018

A lot of people ask me how I come up with the things in my books. Well, although the characters in Tasha’s Story aren’t exactly like myself and my husband, portions of our love story do appear in it. Since we are celebrating 19 years of marriage this week, you can download the Kindle edition [...] more.

The Truth About Grief

June 28th, 2018

“Things aren’t going to be the same. It’s not okay that Danny’s gone.” Pastor Mark’s acknowledgment somehow lightens the burden in my heart. “Don’t feel the need to pretend, even if the rest of your family does. I’ve always appreciated your genuine faith.” He leans forward. “This is a pretty awful situation. But continue to [...] more.

The Hardest Book to Write…But it’s Done!

June 11th, 2018

After six months I’ve finished my latest rough draft, The Beloved, Book 2 of the Once Lost series. One of the reasons I’ve been a slacker in blogging is because I have poured all of my spare time into finishing this novel. I decided to take a trip down to the beach today to hang out [...] more.

Comfort for the Brokenhearted

May 6th, 2018

There was my boy, smile wide, accepting the first place prize for the rock climbing competition in his age group. I was so incredibly happy and proud, yet my heart was breaking. See, it was a year ago my best friend told me to let him give up soccer if he wanted to so he [...] more.

To Trust Again

April 23rd, 2018

For a year I prayed, “God heal her. Take the cancer away.” It’s sounds real noble to say, “He did when He took her to heaven,” but the truth is that’s not what I was asking for. I wanted it to be here, on this Earth, for His glory, and our gain. Instead, I lost. [...] more.

While I Grieve

March 18th, 2018

On March 15, 2018, my best friend, Tammy Sanchez, went home to be with Jesus. Through my journey of grief, I’ve talked to several people who know great loss. It’s different for everyone, but there are some common feelings, like people who haven’t experienced the loss of someone very close to them don’t really know [...] more.

A Christmas Miracle in Moscow

December 23rd, 2017

Christmas is all about miracles. A virgin birth, angels appearing to man, a Savior born in a manger. And if our God is the God of miracles, we expect nothing less during the Christmas season. My family has had our share of miracles around the holidays. God’s provision time and time again. Years ago when [...] more.

Celebrating the Best Day Ever

December 12th, 2017

It was Friday the 13th, December 13th, when God brought this handsome man to my doorstep. Twenty-one years ago. And my life has been blessed ever since. So, I want to bless YOU this week with free books. You can download both Angel Discovered and Angel Defined (which is dedicated to him) on Kindle for FREE through Friday, Dec. 15. [...] more.


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