April 30th, 2020



For some kids, the stay-at-home order is a relief. No more teasing at school. No pressure to fit in. As I wrote this short story from Lydia’s POV about her struggles in middle school, my heart broke because I know so many girls can relate.

Funny, when I started writing #TheDeceived I didn’t foresee Lydia becoming a main character of the #OnceLostseies I guess some characters are just so relatable they take on a life of their own.


This 30 page short story is now on sale for only 99¢. I encourage you to read it for yourself and buy it for the teen girls in your life.


Don’t own a Kindle? No problem! Just download the Kindle app on your favorite device and then head to AMAZON to get your copy of The Broken Masterpiece.

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