December 12th, 2017

Celebrating the Best Day Ever

It was Friday the 13th, December 13th, when God brought this handsome man to my doorstep. my manTwenty-one years ago. And my life has been blessed ever since.

So, I want to bless YOU this week with free books. You can download both Angel Discovered and Angel Defined (which is dedicated to him) on Kindle for FREE through Friday, Dec. 15.

If you want to read about that magical night that our love began, you can read about it here. And if you have read the series and know Jeff, I’d love to know who you think he resembles more…Tyler or Adam. We have conflicting opinions on the topic, so maybe you can help us settle the debate once and for all. :)

Click here to go to Amazon and download your copies!

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  1. Sharon Campbell says:

    I just finished Angel Defined and wrote a review on Good Reads . Loved it ! Inspiration and encouragement beginning to the end ..I can’t afford to buy books we are on a limited income ,so I was wondering if your books are available in libraries ? Thanks again !!

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