November 22nd, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Danny’s Family to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very thankful for my readers, for the sweet messages and reviews you send. I write first for the Lord and then to encourage and inspire, so it’s always a blessing to hear how the Lord has touched you with my writing.

As a gift to you, I wanted to share a Thanksgiving scene from my next book, The Deceived. If you read the Lauren Drake series, you’ll remember Tyler’s friend, Danny. This series takes place when Danny is in high school. Beware…you are about to enter the head of a very sarcastic teenage boy. :)

I’m praying your heart is filled with thanksgiving and peace this holiday season.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 – The Deceived (Book one of Once Lost…coming spring 2018)

“Good morning.” I shuffle into the kitchen wearing my slippers and pajamas, smiling at the smell of bacon and cinnamon. I’m not surprised to see all three of my sisters and my mom showered, dressed, and looking like they’ve been working for hours. “What time’s dinner?”

“Do you see the turkey? It’s not even in the oven yet.” Mary is at the sink holding the cavity of the bird open while Anna shoves cornbread stuffing inside. My favorite.

“Snacks at noon. Dinner at two o’clock. Cinnamon rolls are on the table.” Mom kisses me on the cheek. “Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Happy Thanksgiving.” I grab one from the plate and sit at the bar, watching Lydia peel potatoes.

“Twelve.” She drops the skinned one in a pot of water. “What’s Willow doing today?”

“Think they’re going to her Grandma’s for their vegan feast.” My first bite of cinnamon roll is oh-so-sugary-sweet. The thankfulness for good food begins.

“You could have invited her over,” my mom says from the other end of the bar where she’s rolling out pie crust.

“Sure, to have all things meat and animal product.” I lick the frosting off my fingers. “Even the mashed potatoes and pies are destroyed with dairy. Nothing is sacred.”

“Thirteen.” The water splashes when Lyd drops another potato in the pot. “There’s fresh green beans.”

“With bacon,” Anna calls.

“Exactly.” I laugh. “It’s okay. She can have her nuts and grain with tofu turkey. I’ll stick with the real stuff.” I watch Lydia concentrating on her potato. The moment she drops it in the pot I say, “Sixteen.”

She purses her lips, then glares at me. “Danny!”

“Eighteen?” I polish off the rest of my roll and grab another before she snaps me with the towel.

I’m showered and dressed by ten. After watching some football with Dad, I make my way into the kitchen to graze. My sisters and Mom don’t mind because they enjoy bossing me around in between bites.

“Danny, can you grab me that?”

“Hey Danny, I need your help over here.”

“Danny, when you get a minute do you mind…”

I’m seriously considering a career as an assistant to a sous chef. I’m excellent at sauteing, stirring, chopping, even garnishing, And eating. That’s the best part.

True to Mom’s word, the food is on the table at two p.m. Once everyone is seated, we join hands to pray. Everything feels right for the first time in months.

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