September 7th, 2017

FIGHT – Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Thursday September 21, 2017 – Thursday November 16, 2017

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Do you struggle from seasonal, situational, or constant depression and/or anxiety? During this 6-week Bible study Kelly will teach you biblical truths and strategies to not only FIGHT but overcome. You are more than an overcomer in Christ! There is a $5 suggested donation to cover the cost of printed materials which includes weekly lecture notes and homework. Once you register the exact address of our meeting location will be emailed to you. You can pay via paypal when you register or bring cash the first night of the study.
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See what other participates have to say about FIGHT:

“This study first helped me realize that some of the issues I was having – I am not alone. The study also taught me when and how to go to God and to recognize the triggers that set off my depression or anxiety.”
“I lived in the bondage of depression for years. Going through this study has helped me stand against the devil and his schemes.”
“Sharing my struggles of anxiety with others was very helpful. I learned that there are a lot more people out there struggling with the same kind of issues that I have. It brings me comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this battle.”
“Depression used to cripple me. Now that I have learned to forget the lies and focus on the truth of God’s Word, I feel like a new person in Christ.”
“I actually realized on my worst day of anxiety this week how important it is to tell others about my struggle with anxiety. I had a very bad anxiety attack this week, and I unfortunately did not detect my triggers early this time. Thankfully my husband did. It was him that had to show me what was going on, and thankfully he reminded me of the things I needed to do. He prayed with me and recited scriptures with me. By the time we were done, I was able to overcome the anxiety attack and breathe again.”



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