March 1st, 2017

The Prayers of Christ

At the beginning of the year I decided to accept the challenge for memorizing a different verse every two weeks. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wanted to be stretched. I needed to grow the amount of God’s Word in my heart and mind so I could stand firm.Luke 22_31_32
It seemed random when God led me to Luke 22:31-32, but I accepted the challenge knowing it’s important to remember though Satan is against me, God is 100% for me.

Yesterday started out rough. In fact when the girl at Starbucks asked how my day was at 9:30, I told her, “Not great, but I’m believing it’s going to get better.” While our home group was blessed, so much else seemed to fall apart. By the time I got into bed with my husband at 11 pm, spiritual oppression weighed heavily on my soul. I reached out to connect with him and somehow we ended up fighting. Instead of clearing the air, the sharing of our frustrations left me gasping for breath.

We prayed after our disagreement was settled, but the darkness around me grew. I knew I had two choices: be overcome by it or fight it.
Carrying my Bible study and blanket to the family room, I sat and cried. The lies of Satan swarmed around me—not being good enough, not being set free, being too weak to fight. Though I told myself each was a lie, they felt so true.

“Lord, what’s going on?” I asked. “Why is this happening?”

It was then that I realized why I needed to memorize Luke 22: 31-32. It was for such a time as this.

In my mind I saw Jesus, pleading for me in prayer. Jesus praying for me. That’s how loved I am. That’s how much He wants me to succeed. He wants me to turn from Satan and his schemes and strengthen God’s people. Yes, I go through what I go through to lead others through it as well. Not because God is against me, but because He believes in me and wants me to minister to His people.

So I prayed, I read God’s Word aloud, I rebuked Satan and his demons. Then I did my Bible study. When I started falling asleep on the couch, I returned to bed and listened to Romans 8. After all, it is my favorite chapter of the Bible. The Word washed over me, bringing the peace and healing I needed. I fell asleep shortly after the chapter started, but I know how it ends. Nothing separates me from the love of God. Nothing.

Sorry, Satan, you lose. EVERY TIME.

We are more than victorious in Christ Jesus. Though Satan is asking to shift you like wheat, Jesus is pleading for you. He loves you that much. If you will stand, He will strengthen your faith so you can strengthen others. So you can encourage others. So His glory will shine through you.

The sun came up this morning. His mercies are new. As I mediated on His Word, His love filled my heart. It’s a daily process, my friend. It’s a race we are running. And Jesus, our Savior, is cheering us on, even running beside us, pleading in prayer for us to stay the course. Resist the devil and temptation, turn to God. That’s where you’re meant to be.

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  1. Kitty Matson says:

    I love that reminder, that Jesus is our advocate with the Father. He is speaking on our behalf, moderating the attack to what we can endure and keeping His angels handy to rescue us in a moment. I love you.

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