December 7th, 2016

Angel Defined

“Is this what You have been preparing me for, Lord? To let go of everything I thought was right for my life in exchange for Your perfect will?”

There is our main character at the beginning of the second book of the Lauren Drake series on the edge of her seat, on the edge of her new life, wondering what happened. Why things didn’t go according to her plan. What kind of life awaits her.

When I started Angel Defined years ago, I had no plan. I don’t plot my books. I write and see where the characters take me. I had an idea of the ending, but the exact details were fuzzy. I wasn’t past the second chapter when I noticed a similarity among my characters. They were all growing into a deeper relationship with Christ. One at the beginning of the journey, mind reeling at the contrast between how the Bible says to live and what the world encouraged. The others desiring to minister to people out of love for the Father. As I’ve learned in my life, that’s the only way ministry thrives. That’s the only way WE thrive. When Christians serve strictly out of obligation or to please man, it can quickly turn into a disaster. Ministry done as an outpouring of love for the Lord completes our act of worship which takes us to a new level in our relationship with the Lord. As we grow closer to Him, we begin to trust more. We begin to realize nothing is impossible with God. That’s when we start praying the big prayers…and He answers them.

My first experience with miracles wasn’t through healings, but God’s provision. It was still having money in the bank at the end of the month even though by my husband’s calculations we were in the red. It was cash arriving in the mail in time to pay the mortgage, food on my doorstep as I placed the last of our meat and potatoes on the table with a week to go until payday. It was bags of hand-me-downs in my kids’ sizes as they had outgrown everything in their closets. We were simply Christians desiring to do what God called us to. As we remained faithful in giving the Lord our time, talents, and treasures, He remained faithful to provide for our every need.  And our faith began to soar.

Hard things have happened along the way. Bad things even. But the Lord had taught us to trust completely. The Lord had shown He would be faithful to meet every need. And, as you can see with the publication of this book, He has.

I had a discussion with my husband last night about whether or not people would “get” this series. What we settled on is that most Christians don’t have an active faith, so when they see it, they are skeptical. The truth is we won’t see God moving in our lives and performing miracles unless we are looking and asking. My heart and prayer is to help lead Christians into a deeper faith by example in my life and through my books. The characters may be fictional, but their God is real. And He in still in the business of miracles.

So, my friend, stop saying He can’t and ask. Stop making excuses and fall to your knees. I don’t care how big your need is, how long you’ve struggled, how long you’ve waited. God calls us to believe. To trust. To ask. I’m believing for your miracle. I’ve seen too many miracles not to. But at some point, you need to step out in faith. Let today be that day.

By the time I wrote the last page of Angel Defined, tears were streaming down my face. Not at the circumstances, but at the faith of my characters. One choosing obedience regardless of the costs, the other believing in the goodness of God. I cried because I know this faithroad is not easy to walk, but it is blessed. And when you reach the end of Book Two in the Lauren Drake series, be of good cheer knowing their story isn’t over. There are still two more books, and several miracles, to come.

For more information about Angel Defined, or to purchase your copy, click here.

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  1. Darleen Romanko says:

    I loved books 1 and 2 about Lauren Drake. Can’t wait for book #3 and 4.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you so much Darleen! I’m praying Angel Reconstructed will be out late spring/early summer of this year. Hopefully Angel Resolved (book 4) will follow in the fall. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Social Media for announcements and sneak peeks of what is to come.

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