October 21st, 2016

Safe in His Arms

Isaiah 43_1_3

I love writing new books. Each one is an adventure, a time to dive into the lives and problems of others. Unfortunately the one I’m writing now is more of a struggle than adventure because I’ve lived it. With each keystroke, the character’s pain increases. With each page, the hardships intensify. If I could, I would place this note in the beginning for readers: Sorry for all the drama, but sometimes life is like that.

Maybe you know that all too well. Maybe you’ve been to the¬†point I was at a few years back when I realized if the pain didn’t kill me, it had the potential to destroy my faith. I listened to that song about ‘walking on water’ and thought how easy the singer had it. If I was in the middle of an ocean I could walk on water. Instead I was in the midst of a tsunami. Standing seemed impossible, forget walking!

But I did, because honestly I couldn’t give up on God. After years of believing Him for so much and watching Him deliver time and time again, I couldn’t give up on Him.

There were tears, sobbing, moments of wondering if it would ever end, yet He was with me. He kept my head barely above the water at times, but enough so I could breathe. He never allowed the fire to completely consume me though at times it seemed it would. And though there were tears, sobbing and moments of wondering how I’d continue on, there was great comfort, gratitude, and refining of my faith that I didn’t know was necessary or possible.

After a mellow summer when I considered myself healed for the most part, the new school year brought back the pain with a vengeance. The difference? This time I knew we’d get through it. I didn’t question but prayed fervently. I rested Him. I sought chiropractic help and prayers immediately. I clung to His word, reading verses like Isaiah 43:1-3 over and over, believing the truth in them. When I couldn’t see my Savior because I was blinded by the storm, I held up my hands and called His name. He was there, every time.

My character is learning to do the same. She’s learning it’s the promises of God that keep us going when everything is falling apart. She’s finding out that the sweetest moments in your walk with the Lord can be in the midst of the hardest moments of your life. Most of all she is coming to find out we have a Savior who remains by our side, offering peace, grace and mercy not once, but daily.

Whatever you are going through, whether it’s a little sprinkle of problems or a torrential rain of hardships, I pray you will see and experience the truth of Isaiah 43. Tighten your grip on your Savior, my friend, because He is still saving you.

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